Based in Southwest Western Australia

and working with people from far and wide,

Louise works with individuals, couples

and groups, in the capacity of life coach

and confidential counsellor.

A full member of ACCA, with many years experience,

Louise has diploma qualifications in life coaching and professional counselling,

she also has diploma psychotropic plant medicine and is currently studying

the ancient Chinese art of I Ching. She is continuously adding

to her knowledge base, with on going training, extensive research, studies,

and best of all, the face to face experience with a diverse range of wonderful, inquisitive and extraordinary clients, from both local areas and far and wide. 

Louise advocates that whether you know it or not,

there are areas where you do have power, to make change,

to improve your relating and communication skills,

to break through blockages and old patterns of relating

that lead to frustration, aggravation, ...or worse.

Why stay stuck when you can do it different?

Having worked and studied extensively over the past two decades

in areas including addiction and addictive behaviors,

including co addiction, as well as men's and women's issues

that arise when coping with the 'entrails' of addiction. 

Develop and enjoy the benefits that come as a result of increased personal awareness

and the sense of personal freedom that grows out of self responsibility. There are skills available for successfully managing your emotional life,

that will lead you to enjoying happier, healthier and more wholesome relating, with all the significant others in your life.

In recent times, Louise has undergone certification training with author

and relationship specialist, Terry Real.

She has also undergone some studies with addiction expert and advocate

of the sensible and supervised use of plant medicines, Dr Gabor Mate.

Regardless of your current situation, you can enhance the quality of your life.

Just a few sessions can make world's of difference, so why wait?

                      If you don't step forward, you'll stay in the same old place.

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